When a logistics operation goes from time-sensitive to time-critical, working quickly to design tailor-made solutions is vital to prevent a line stoppage.

The interconnectivity of the automotive supply chain is extremely complex. Working meticulously to avoid line stoppages means avoiding million-dollar butterfly effects.

In today’s success story, our teams in Spain worked quickly and very efficiently to find the best tailor-made solution to keep a production line running.

About our client

With 184 production sites – and 64 research and development centers – spread across 31 countries, this automotive Tier 1 needs logistics plans capable of transporting prototypes and highly technological parts across continents and oceans in less than 48 hours.

What was our client’s challenge?

Exporting parts and supplies from Spain to Dallas (TX, United States) – a constant and scheduled time-sensitive logistics operation.

Pallets from 300 to 400kg were transported from the shipper in Spain to Dallas Airport (IATA: DFW) in priority premium service.

However, when facing an imminent risk of a line stoppage, it was necessary to send more inputs, in the shortest possible time.

To coordinate new shipments – some with more than 1 ton each – we needed to find a new solution.

Which critical load solution was deployed?

The first option considered to exporting from Spain was to use the services of on-board couriers (hand-carries), which are generally capable of doing customs procedures with agility in critical situations.

Although two or three OBCs could be enough to move the first shipment, all passenger flights between Madrid and El Paso – where the plant that urgently needed spare parts was – had more than one connection.

Thus, the transit time was not ideal.

Working to be your strategic partner in logistics, we have excellent relationships and negotiating power with the most robust and efficient airlines in the world. So, we managed to negotiate an Air Priority (Next Flight Out) service with a good rate and guaranteed departures!

World-class attention to every detail

Our teams specialized in exporting from Spain contacted the shipper to support them with the preparation of the material for shipment. They were used to organizing small packages, mounted on pallets, so we gave them guidance on maximum height and other measurements, and advice on technical issues that can delay a shipment, such as pallet fumigation.

To ensure the safety of the material from end to end, even the color of the strapping is important.

With three robust, well-coordinated and efficient shipments in two weeks, we helped our client to avoid line stoppages and continue to design innovative solutions for intelligent mobility, advancing intuitive driving technologies and reducing CO2 emissions.

Un mapa muestra la operación para exportar desde España: Servicio Air Priority (Next Flight Out) desde Barajas (IATA: MAD) a Dallas (IATA: DFW), y última milla a El Paso. A map shows our operation exporting from Spain: Air Priority (Next flight out) service from Barajas, in Madrid, to Dallas, in the United States, and last mile with ground freight to El Paso.
Air Priority (Next flight out) service from Barajas, in Madrid, to Dallas, in the United States, and last mile with ground freight to El Paso.

Exporting from Spain without complications?

Time is our ally, despite market disruptions  

At Europartners Group, we are specialists in programmed and urgent time-sensitive air freight solutions.

With more than 70 own offices in 20 countries – such as Spain and the United States, for example – we work to be global specialized industries’ strategic partner in logistics. We even have a vertical dedicated to the Automotive Industry.

When you need time critical cargo services, hand in hand with our experts you can count on:

  1. Dedicated attention from experienced professionals in your industry.
  2. Control towers, emergency desks and after-hours teams giving you visibility 24 hours a day.
  3. Own offices around the world and a large network of partner agents to send your shipments to and from any country.
  4. Excellent relationship and negotiating power with the most solid and important airlines.
  5. Extreme care with details.
  6. More than one alternative option tailored to each shipment.
  7. We speak your language.

 Does your company handle time-sensitive shipments, but also need specialists in time critical cargo at your service in case of an emergency? Connect with us. We work to give you peace of mind, offering time-sensitive solutions tailored to your needs, even if time is short.