Having an accurate forecast undoubtedly helps to protect your supply chain. However, if suddenly it is urgent to transport a spare part, sample, or final product, having a strategic partner in time critical cargo services is essential to avoid disruptions.

When a production line of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) must stop because a supplier didn’t deliver a part on time, that Tier could have to pay a four-digit fines every hour or even have the contract cancelled.

We know that our customers in the automotive sector work under that level of stress. That’s why we consider those plans as time-sensitive logistics, with a strong focus on expedited transport solutions.

In this case study, Europartners team at the Coahuila office provided these advantages through flexible, fast and efficient solutions when shipping products to our customers near Mexico’s and the United States’ borders.

Our client:

The Antolin Group produces the widest and most complete global offer of technological solutions for the interior of a car. It has a privileged global positioning level and local presence in 26 countries, 140 production plants and just-in-time centers, and 26 technical-commercial offices.

Antolin’s main customers (OEMs) served by their Mexican teams are in the United States.

What was our client’s challenge?

In April 2022, OEMs increased the demand to Grupo Antolin. After more than 70 years in the automotive market, the corporation managed to adjust production – however, with small delays that, accumulated, became a snowball.

With this change of plan, our client needed to make a timely delivery of components in a quite challenging lead time, avoiding at all costs any line stoppage.

Which expedited transport solution was implemented?

Europartners Group’s specialized teams’ differentiation is offering alternatives and options to our customers, even in urgent situations.

Assessing each box of products and their volumes, the expedited transport solution provided to Grupo Antolin were Hotshots and on-board couriers.

In two weeks, we coordinated daily shipments distributed in 30 vans and six hand carries – including on Saturdays and Sundays.

A map represents the trade lanes where we moved cargo using 30 hotshots and 6 on-board couriers, from Saltillo, in Mexico, to Kentucky, Michigan, South Carolina and Georgia.

“We have a multidisciplinary operations team taking care of a comprehensive advisory of each movement, from the time we are assigned the shipment and even being aware that the documents needed for crossing borders are ready. We even offer services that are not always available to any client, but that do impact on the delivery time,” explains Pamela Tavizón, commercial coordinator in charge of the Grupo Antolin account.

We make time play for your team

despite market disruptions

Pamela emphasizes some of Europartners Group differentiators when offering expedited transport services:

  • We work to be more than a freight forwarder: we want to be the best strategic partner in logistics for our customers.
  • We design solutions tailored to each logistics need.
  • We are always there for you. We answer when you need us.
  • You can count on a reliable provider by your side.
  • We always find an answer and a solution. We never abandon a shipment.
  • We can offer you a complete team, not only a KAM, but a whole operational team with TCC specialists.

Does your company also handle critical shipments so often that you feel you can schedule them? Partner with us. We work to take away your stress, offering time-sensitive solutions tailored to your needs, even if the time is short.